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IATI ensures everyone - governments and citizens - can see how aid is distributed and spent, making it easier for donors to coordinate, eliminate inefficiency and root out corruption.  Twenty-six donor countries and organizations, including Canada, have signed on.


Canada has joined IATI


This is a win for Canadians and a win for the people of developing nations. We commend Minister Oda and CIDA for takign this bold step towards more transparent, effective Canadian aid.


James Haga
Director of Advocacy, EWB

The International Aid Transparency Initiative
It's just common sense.

A win for Canadians

Canada gives $5 billion in foreign aid annually, but isn't achieving $5 billion dollar results. By signing on to the IATI, Canada will:

  • Make Canada's aid more effective, enhancing the impact of every dollar we spend.
  • Eliminate wasteful, unnecessary duplication and red tape.
  • Better understand what works and what doesn't, enabling smart funding decisions.
  • Publicize the work we fund, letting Canadians see where their money is going.
  • Rebuild Canada's reputation as a leader in global development.

A win for developing countries

In recipient countries, IATI will create clarity and opportunities to:

  • Focus on project implementation instead of competing reporting requirements.
  • Identify and eliminate corruption thanks to the publication of funds received and spent.
  • Increase aid impact thanks to clarity around aid investments, amountsand timing.
  • Partner with donor countries to make evidence-based funding decisions.

Canada has joined IATI

EWB welcomes the Canadian government's decision to become a signaory of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), committing to more effective Canadian aid.

The announcement was made on November 28 from South Korea, where International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda was leading Canada's delegation at the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.  It followed a year in which EWB and over 25,000 Canadians encouraged the government to sign on to IATI, meeting over 100 MPs from coast to coast and making the case for IATI before the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

Read more about EWB's efforts to get Canada to sign onto IATI here.

It's just common sense
A win for Canadians
A win for developing countries
Canada has joined IATI
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